• Mon. Jan 18th, 2021



Oct 15, 2020

Ministry of health will conduct random covid-19 tests in schools to monitor the infection rate among the children. There is the need of testing to ensure that students are safe from this infection.

Health Chief Administrative secretary Rashid Aman said yesterday the testing is based on the cases especially among children since they are asymptomatic.

He also says that there are laid out protocols on how symptomatic cases should be handled in school environment. He said that during the daily Covid-19 Update they will require some forms of monitoring from the ministry.

“We will be required to do some levels of testing to see whether there is infection among asymptomatic cases,” he said.

“The risk of children spreading the virus as thought earlier is not as bad as what was considered before he said. “But we will have to closely monitor and take appropriate action that will be deemed fit at that time,” he added.

Education Principal Secretary Belio Kipsang said that the Government has mobilized over 1.7million face mask to distribute to learners.

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