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Human Trafficking Hits The Notch.

ByMary Gichiru

Feb 10, 2021
women victims of human trafficking

United Nations Office of Drugs and Crime [UNODC] on February 7, stated that Kenya is among countries that are experiencing high rates of human trafficking. For instance, in the year 2017-2018 about 50,000 victims were ferried to different destinations.#ZuruNaWakoByKWS

The outrageous increase of these cases attributes to unhealthy economic trends. Covid-19 pandemic is greatly affecting the world’s economy bringing it close to a standstill.


Joblessness, poverty, and financial desperation are factors making Kenyans vulnerable.

The rampant cases of unemployment cutting across recession and unpaid leaves; In addition, they are rendering people vulnerable to settle for any job opportunity. In quench to better their lives, most of these people are ending up in very risky places.

human trafficking victims
human trafficking victim

Within the year 2017-2018 about 290 suspects put to arrest concerning human trafficking. About 129 of these perpetrators convicted within the same period. Among the victims are children who make a 45% of the total cases reported. Minors are target mainly for sexual harassment, criminality, and begging forced marriages, and also organ removal

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Human trafficking is against humanity. orchestrating and executing this act is by groups of perpetrators and also individual criminals. Traffickers particularly want to take advantage of the victims by subjecting them to crimes and acts against humanity. Sexual exploitation for financial gain being among crimes surrounding the heinous act.


The abject poverty existing in most African countries is a major stipulator of this act. Furthermore, extreme rates of unemployment, cultural malpractices render victims vulnerable.

People falling as victims are constantly seeking greener pastures. A thriving environment to enhance their survival. Thus, the risk for a better life

Ethiopians lead with the highest number of victims, followed by Nepalese, Libyans, Indians, and South Sudan respectively. These cories are all accountable for this heinous act

moreover, the report indicates that Kenyans are also into the Maldives.

South Arabia as a destination has many Kenyan citizens. They are there for casual jobs. mainly working as household managers, guards, in other domestic fields such as cleaning, cooking, and others.

According to this report, 41% of the victims are from East Africa. who they prefer for forced labor and other criminal activities.

women make the highest number of victims for their vulnerability to exploitation.

Kenya Civil Society Organizations late last year highlighted tactics that traffickers are using to lure victims a midst covid-19 crisis. According to a reliable, tracking executive officer of an organization in Kenya. similar cases are to shoot up. This is because of the repercussion of the corona pandemic and the consequential yearning of people to attain financial freedom.