• Thu. Oct 29th, 2020

Imposter Charged With Impersonating The IG.

Philemon Mutiva was charged on Monday before a Madaraka law court for impersonating a police deputy inspector general on facebook, with the intention of defrauding a businesswoman of sh 12.9 million.

The man was charged of impersonating Deputy IG Edward Mbugua and pretending he could assist Ann Muthoni secure a tender to supply drugs to Mbagathi Hospital.

According to the police report, Muthoni received a friend request from Mutiva posting as the deputy IG and the two started chatting. They met at a hotel in the Central Business District where Mutiva allegedly promised to connect Muthoni with a senior procurement officer at Mbagathi Hospital.

The court heard Mutiva and Ochieng, jointly with others not before the court, obtained sh86,000 from Muthoni by saying they could help her win a tender to supply Norvatis Lucentis injectable eye drugs. They allegedly committed the offence on September 25.

They are also accused of making a local purchase order {LPO} purportedly by Mbagathi Hospital and a county department. During the arrest at Muutiva’s house, police recovered an official stamp belonging to the ministry of Devolution and set ofhandcuffs.

The trial is to begin on March 23.

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