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Inspirational: Sisters Born with Facial Disorder

ByGladwell Wanjiku

Apr 30, 2021
Sisters: India and Asia

Asia Williams, 22 and India Walls,20, are sisters. They were born with Treacher Collins Syndrome {TCS}, a genetic craniofacial disorder. This is a condition that affects the bones and tissue in the face and can also affect hearing and eyesight. This can occur when the nerve that controls your facial muscles becomes inflamed, swollen or compressed.

Sisters born with facial disorder
Asia and India

Other signs and symptoms may include inability to make facial expressions such as smiling or frowning and facial weakness. Muscle twitches in the face and sensitivity to sound are also other signs.

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The sisters inherited the syndrome from their mother, Nicole, who inherited it from a great-great grandparent. Nicole taught her girls from day one to embrace their unique beauty. After enduring years of bullying, the sisters, whose hearing has been affected by the syndrome- decided to share their story online. This would help encourage more people with TCS to accept the traits that set them apart from the crowd. “We just took it upon ourselves and just posted pictures and took a decision to just be ourselves. This sure affected us in a really positive way.”

Sisters: India and Asia
Asia and India with their mom

“It was really bad to the point where I didn’t want to come to school I would tell my mom that I want to stay at home. When I looked at other children back at my childhood, I’d be like why are we different from everyone else?” India said

The Two Sisters Have Made Their Mom Proud.

Their mother Nicole is also happy because of the way her girls have embraced their beauty. Her joy is that they have helped others with the same condition to accept themselves. “My girls showing and sharing their story on social media, to me it’s a blessing because some people just need to hear other people’s stories”.

As children both girls faced health issues and India spent several years under careful watch. This was after having a feeding tube as a baby, but they have never let their problems hold them back. Asia and India have also gained support from their friends. Friends who have seen them grow from self-conscious teens to confident young women.

Sisters born Different
When they were young

The sisters gave advice to people with the same condition and told them not to compare themselves with other people because that is what destroys someone.