• Sun. Nov 29th, 2020


Following the rise in the number of covid-19 infection, Isiolo senator Fatuma Dullo has requested a temporary closure of the Isiolo county referral hospital. This is to enable them to conduct mass testing so that they can be sure of the rate of infection in the county.
Dullo said that the situation in Isiolo needs immediate intervention to control the spread of the disease.
Dullo was speaking this as she had visited the hospital to follow on a case of an asthmatic patient who was neglected by medics at the facility.
She said the patient who is in dreadful need of specialized treatment has not yet being treated at the Isiolo Referral Hospital.
Dullo said that she has requested an ICU Placement in a Hospital based in Meru County where the patient is expected to be referred later today.
She urged the hospital administration to transfer patients who require ICU treatment to other hospitals in good time instead of lying that they offer the same treatment.

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