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Jeans: Let’s talk rugged

ByMuthoni Githire

Sep 5, 2020

Rugged jeans, which are basically jeans with openings, have become a fashion trend one cannot ignore. Walking along streets in the busiest cities and the smallest towns, you will not miss several people dressed in these clothes. But where did it all start? The first pairs of jeans were designed in the late 1870 by Loeb Strauss, a German who later changed his name to Levi and founded the denim brand. In the 1970s, a movement started by the punk culture introduced the ripped jeans trend. The rips signified rebellion, where the Punks tore apart consumer items as an expression of their anger towards society. Therefore, denim was a perfect fit to signify this rebellion.

Singer/Songwriter Rita Ora

Early celebrities such as Bananarama and Madonna devoted to the trend and later their fans began to copy the look by ripping their own jeans at home, and denim manufacturers soon caught on, making ripped jeans straight out of the factories.

In 2010, ripped jeans made a comeback though re-branded as ‘distressed’ or ‘rugged’ denim. Designers such as Diesel showed the look on the catwalk, and high-end stores started stocking them.

Fashion experts say that the comeback of rugged jeans coincided with an Eighties fashion restoration, marked by the return of jumpsuits and high-waist trousers. Today, ripped jeans have become so universal that even M&S stocks them (including some with patches under the rips so the wearer doesn’t get chilly knees). You did not know? Now you do.

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