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Joey Muthengi. Life behind the screen.

While growing up, Joey Muthengi had many desires. Apparently, she ended up in the media and entertainment industry. She has worked in so many media houses and was once a host in Tusker Project Fame. But who is Joey Muthengi behind the limelight?

Joey was born in Kenya but she later moved to the United States. She was only two years old. “I spent most of my childhood in the states with my parents and siblings,” she said. Being the last born in a family of five, most of the time, the radio presenter got away with almost everything.

Joey Muthengi growing up

She recalled growing up in a strict Christian family since her parents are both in the ministry. “After we came back to Kenya, they didn’t allow us to wear trousers. We couldn’t make our nails and they wanted our hairs to be done in certain ways.”

Joey Muthengi. Life behind the screen.
Joey Muthengi. Life behind the screen.

Joey returned to Kenya and attended Rift Valley Academy in Kijabe. She later moved back to the US where she attended Hope College. She pursued a double major in communications and Business Management. “The type of person that I am, I don’t think I would have handled the government school. My parents tried getting me into a government school once in Machakos but I only lasted a week,” she said.

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After college, she returned home and she was lucky to start doing voice overs at a certain FM. At some point, they would need a presenter and she would fill the vacant position. That is where she started her media journey. It has been 11 years since she joined the media and entertainment industry in Kenya. “I am proud of lasting this long, I didn’t think I would. I had no plan and the fact that I got into the industry without knowing anyone and having no connection, makes me feel so proud.” Joey said.

The presenter doesn’t believe in staying stagnant, so she is always trying to better herself. Her mom is her biggest inspiration and she is always trying to make her proud.

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