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Justice for post-election Survivors


Dec 11, 2020
Justice for post-election Rape Survivors

 Justice has finally been found for sexually assaulted citizens during the post-election violence.

The post-election violence

The High Court in Kenya ruled that the Kenyan government failed to effectively investigate. They also failed to prosecute sexual crimes from the 2007-2008 post-election violence and issued monetary awards to four petitioners.

A 2016 human rights watch report documented the cases of 163 women and girls and 9 men. They survived rape in the post-election violence in Kenya.

The attackers included militia group members, humanitarian workers, and members of Kenya’s security forces. Survivors endured horrific violence, including rape, gang rape, and penetrated with guns, sticks, bottles. They also survived other objects in attacks.

Kenyan authorities largely ignored and failed to support rape survivors. They only convicted a handful of individuals for sex crimes related to the post election violence.

Justice for post-election Rape Survivors

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In 2014, President Uhuru Kenyatta committed to establishing a fund to help victims of past injustices. They included victims of the 2007 political violence, but this did not benefit post-election violence rape survivors. 

“The Kenyan High Court’s ruling won for the thousands of women and girls and men and boys. They waited for years for Kenyan authorities to acknowledge the harm that they suffered, and to provide appropriate redress,” said Agnes Odhiambo, senior women’s rights researcher at Human Rights Watch.

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“The Kenyan government should fulfill the awards given in this case, and take immediate steps to provide other survivors of post-election sexual violence with medical care, monetary compensation, and other remedies.”

The women allegedly raped during the 2007/08 Post Election Violence following a disputed presidential election which more than 1,500 people were killed and over half a million others displaced from their homes.

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