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Kamene Vaa Nguo!!

ByGladwell Wanjiku

Apr 7, 2021

Kamene Goro on Tuesday responded to a fan who had to question her dress code. This occurred after a picture of her with co-host jalang’o was shared on the station’s Twitter page. The fan in response to the tweet asked what kind of dress Kamene was wearing and if it was right to post on the station’s social media pages. He also went on to ask if Kiss 100 has a dress code, “Do these Kiosk stations have a dress code?” He also raised the issue of why Kenya Film Classification Board, CEO Ezekiel Mutua, had not called out the kind of dressing Ms. Goro had displayed.

Kamene’s dress that brought controversy on social media

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Kamene responds to the fan

The media personality who saw the tweet also asked why the fan was upset with how she was dressed that early morning. However, Kamene Goro insisted that she will dress as she wants and if the fan has a problem with her dress code, he should wear a dera.

“Unakasirishwa na nguo zangu hii mapema yote? Alaaaaa! Imagine I will dress as I want! Vaa dera kama uko na shida sana,” said Kamene.

So who else thinks this kind of dress code wasn’t appropriate at all? More so, the fan went on and asked, “Where is Mr.moralist? Where is Ezekiel Mutua? Why haven’t you rebuked this kind of dressing?

Kamene responds to a fan
kamene responded to fan who commented on her post

Another lady also confronted the media personality. In Kamene’s comment section, she wrote, imagine how are you respecting women in that building? Sasa wewe na Shakila where is the difference, let me assume you forgot and reported to work in a nightdress. Vaa nguo, komesha ubakaji kwa jamii!”

Kamene didn’t ignore her though, she responded to her saying, “How does rape come in here? My dress is preventing rape from ending ama? Women like you are the problem in the society, my dress has nothing to do with rape prevention.”

Some netizens however supported her response and claimed the lady should also dress however she felt like. “Now this is the problem with most people. Someone comes out of nowhere just to follow up on someones life. Si avae ka yeye ndo wafanane!