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Kang’ata Leaks BBI Report


Jan 4, 2021
kang'ata and uhuru when bbi letter leaked

Senate Majority Chief Irungu Kang’ata leaks letter addressed to President Uhuru Kenyatta. Apparently, the letter indicates that the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) will fail in the Mount Kenya region.

kang'ata and uhuru in a previous place
kang’ata and uhuru in a previous place

In a bold move, the Murang’a County Senator states that the role of the provincial administrator in the Building Bridges Initiative was contributing to its unpopularity. In addition to his letter to the President, Kang’ata states that his office conducted a survey. It’s through the survey that he established the unpopularity of the BBI report in the region. He also says that this factor has strained any chances of a referendum going through the Mount Kenya region. “Based on a survey I conducted during the December holidays. I have come to the conclusion that BBI is unpopular in Mount Kenya. Out of every ten people I surveyed, 6 opposed it, 2 support it. The remaining other two are indifferent,” reads part of his letter.

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Kang’ata Statistics Report

Kang’ata also revealed that many of the six people who support the report are the youth and women. He also adds that a number of men above the age of sixty years do support the report. However, he highlights that the popularity of the report was not even with education levels. Kang’ata also argues that his report findings do not indicate the BBI’s failure on a national scale. Rather, he says that his observations are from Central Kenya. “Your excellency, I know I might be wrong. In fact, I do wish that am wrong and my views are merely a pessimistic view of things. However, if am right and we do not take urgent remedial measures, I will permanently pin myself in the pillar of shame,” Stated Kang’ata.


The letter leaked by Kang’ata has highly exposed the deep cracks in the Jubilee party administration. It has led to leaders from various political parties having mixed reactions.

Gatundu South MP Moses Kuria applauded Kang’ata for his bold move. He says that it confirms what leaders allied to the Deputy President have been saying since the BBI process kicked off. “On the 1st of December 2020, I said it. Senator Kang’ata has confirmed it on the 3rd of January 2021. Now that a system insider (Not Deplorables like me) has said it I hope someone listens and acts on it,” stated Kuria.

Wahome Criticizes Uhuru

kandara 1
kandara 1

Elsewhere, Kandara MP Alice Wahome accuses President Uhuru of planning to extend his stay in power.

kandara mp press statement
kandara mp press statement

On Saturday, while speaking in a hotel in Malindi she claimed Uhuru plans on using the proposed referendum as a way of remaining in power.

kandara mp criticizes uhuru
kandara mp criticizes uhuru

“Your Excellency, you are attempting to cleverly change the constitution so as to retain some executive power even when you are away from the office,” said Alice Wahome.

wahome message
wahome message