• Sat. Dec 5th, 2020

Kenya hatuhami!

our home

While Kenya is still in the Mashujaa and BBI launch spirit, there is a lot to reflect on. We have younger siblings, our children and kids are being born daily. As any parent would relate, there is a beautiful-out-of-this-world feeling when you look at a young child sleeping, playing, or merely asking innocent curious questions while looking in your eyes. They are carefree spirits, they just know eat, and play and sleep. Nothing really bothers them, they believe they are safe, and all that matters to them is peace and happiness.

But lately, every time I look into my child’s eyes, or when I see my baby sister peacefully doze off, I wonder: is Kenya safe? Can I trust that even when am gone, generations after me will be proudly Kenyan? Looking back, we have come a long way as a country, I mean 56 years is a long time to just throw away. This year, we have survived a locust outbreak, a deadly pandemic, corruption scandals, things have gone into a standstill economically, and yet here we are the common mwananchi. In a single year, we have lost many people, unlike the other years. Kenyan citizens are simply resilient, strong.

Kenya is our home. Us, the raia, are here to stay. Those in high social classes can fly abroad when all hell breaks loose. Their money and power may solve a lot of problems. But if anything happens, our generations depend on the sobriety of the decisions we make today about our country. Being a year to 2022, let’s keep in mind that whatever goes down in Kenya, politically, economically, and financially, Kenya, hatuhami.

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