• Wed. May 12th, 2021

A new twist develops in Kiambu County. During the Kiambu murder mystery, five family members succumbed. All fell victim to the gruesome act. Today Saturday 9th December 2021, police arrested Lawrence Njoroge. It occurs that his currently the prime suspect in the murder case of his parents and siblings. Luckily his other two sisters were safe and in school when the attack occurred.  

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Through the Twitter account, The Directorate of Criminal Investigations claims that Lawrence’s girlfriend as the second suspect. “Also arrested to assist our officers with investigations is a lady believed to be his girlfriend. The lady in question sells goods at Biafra in Thika, said the DCI. Currently, she is in police custody. Apparently, the prime suspect studies at a private University. Previously, police believed Lawrence to be in college during the Tuesday night attack. However, on Friday they discovered that he disappeared the same day the killers raided their home in Kagongo village. Also adding to the mystery, Lawrence’s phone went off in Naivasha, Nakuru County the same Tuesday night that his parents were hacked.

prime suspect in kiambu family murder
prime suspect in kiambu family murder

Prime Suspect Trace.

During the Tuesday night attack, attackers hacked his dad alongside his mother Wanjiku Njoroge. The nephew Maxwell Njoroge, his brother Christian Njoroge and also their farmhand. Twenty-two-year-old Lawrence is the eldest son in the family. Police nabbed him at his hideout in Lower Kabete, in Kiambu County. The search for the murder weapons continues. Early Wednesday morning, people and police found Njoroge Warunge’s body lying outside the house within the compound. While the rest were found murdered inside the house.

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Earlier during the week on Monday, police also found the family casual laborer’s morning. They located on a nearby building site with severe injuries. Police however began investigations into the matter. Later on, it emerged that the other family members’ phones went unanswered. This thus raised an alarm only for their dead bodies to be discovered.

Kiambu County Police Commander Ali Nuno also says that they arrested Lawrence in Ndongoro village near Wangigi Township. In addition, they discovered Lawrence’s location despite his phone being off. It appears that he turned it on in Kabete. The government pathologist releases the postmortem results on Monday, 11th January.

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