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KRA Loses Ksh 582M


Dec 10, 2020
KRA Loses Ksh 582M

The Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) lost a case.  It was seeking to collect Ksh 582 million from a Danish businessman.

KRA filed the suit against Peter Bonde. It claimed that he did not disclose the source of over Ksh 1 billion deposited in his accounts. It’s between 2008 and 2014. 


KRA also accused him of filing nil returns between 2008 and 2010. The money dubbed an undisclosed income then subjected to income tax and principal tax. It included KRA adding penalties and interests to demand Ksh 582 million.

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The businessman, on his end, argued that he received the money from his relatives, friends and his businesses based abroad. 

He opposed KRA’s claims that the money raised from profits made by his Kenyan companies based in the tourism sector. 

The Tax Appeals Tribunal ascertained that the taxman failed to prove the allegations labelled against Bonde. It also rejected KRA’s bid to collect the Ksh 582 million it demanded. 

“The standard of proof in fraud is distinctly higher than the normal standard of the balance of probability and the respondent has not attained or satisfied that standard,” said the tribunal.

The decision by the tribunal comes a few days after KRA was also barred from collecting a 25% tax in a row with a Tanzanian businessman in a case relating to the importation of glass bottles. 

In August 2020, KRA’s Commissioner-General Githii Mburu lamented that unscrupulous individuals and organised crime perpetrators hatched tactics. These aimed to conduct business without paying due taxes, leaving the agency no other alternative other than apprehending them.

It launched investigations against 1,309 companies and wealthy individuals who owe the government Ksh 259 billion.

KRA Loses Ksh 582M

“We lose money every year and the entities mentioned earmarked for further investigations and legal action for non-compliance. To mitigate against these crimes, tax authorities and government agencies dealing in financial investigations have heightened efforts to outsmart the tax cheats,” Mburu stated

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