• Sun. Nov 29th, 2020

Police commander from Kwale County Joseph Nthenge has said that they have newly launched agendas that will help in the fight against the selling and buying of drugs in the area.
He added by saying that  it’s not easy to fight this business because it’s at peak in the region, but he promised to work with other stakeholders to make sure that this business perish.
On Sunday he said that they caught one bodaboda which was transporting 120 bunches of bhang to Mteza-Matuga though the bodaboda rider managed to escape but without the drugs.
Nthenge also asked the residents not to only blame the police saying they are being reluctant in their work, but also take part in making sure that they take part in this fight.
This agenda is to ensure that the area youth’s future is not destroyed by the use of drugs.

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