• Wed. May 12th, 2021
say no to GBV

Public Service and Gender CS Margaret Kobia raises concern due to the rising GBV cases amidst Covid-19 in the Country. “As a government, we acknowledge the fact that we can never win the fight against GBV on our own. We all have to combine our efforts as citizens,” she wrote on her Twitter account.

This year between the months of January and March, the Public Service and Gender ministry has recorded about 877 cases of GBV. In addition, the cases prevailed in Nakuru, Kakamega, Kiambu, Kisumu, and also Nairobi counties. According to the ministry’s data, last year, 2020 5,009 cases were reported. This number illustrates a high increase unlike in the previous year,2019 where people reported up to 1,411 cases. As a result, the CS calls on netizens to aid in the government’s effort to curb gender-based violence.

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I call upon all Kenyans to identify suitable means of resolving their differences instead of ending up in violence. We all ought to stand up against GBV by supporting the victims and also reporting. We must also discourage harmful cultural beliefs,” added Margaret Kobia.

GBV now seems like a norm!!!

Kitui Governor also spoke out over GBV. Charity Ngilu condemns the surging in cases of killings of women all across the nation. According to her, the recent murder of Christine Nyokabi in Kasarani sums up the many cases left unresolved in the last two years. The governor claims that the killings of women mostly occur when their lives are at the prime stage. In most circumstances, the women leave behind young kids with no one to look after them.

say no to GBV
say no to GBV

The governor also adds that the killings can now be termed as a national crisis. Almost on daily basis, a lady is mercilessly murdered. According to her, its high time leaders across the country address the issue. “Am well aware that cases of murdered women in our towns and also villages are so many but never reported. The saddest part is that the culprits freely walk around probably looking for the next woman to kill. I call upon all leaders in the country to speak up against this inhumane and dangerous norm of killing women. It’s sad that the culture is slowly becoming a norm in the nation,” said Kitui Governor.

She also emphasized that the killing of any person in the society ought to be condemned. However, the murder cases of women nurturing future generations must be condemned in the strongest ways possible. “Our women should feel secure while at home, in the universities, while conducting their businesses and also in any area they earn a living from. I, therefore, emphasize all Kenyans speaking up against the heinous crimes!” she added.