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Mama Stella Battles Vitiligo

ByGladwell Wanjiku

Apr 19, 2021
mama stella

Ex Machachari actress Clara Wamaitha, popularly known as Cindy or Mama Stella, has shared her battle with Vitiligo. This is a condition in which the skin loses pigment from areas of the skin. This causes the skin to have some whitish patches. Cindy admitted that she first noticed a small patch on her skin while still acting on Machachari but ignored it. This is a move that she regrets greatly.

Mama Stella
Mama Stella battling vitiligo

Mama Stella revealed that her condition pushed her into depression. Now, she no longer land acting gigs, therefore she was unable to afford proper medical care. Cindy’s daughter, however made sure her mother got the care she needed at the time of her diagnosis.


“I have gone to all the hospitals and spent a lot. My daughter funded that. I’m not going to lie this journey has been hard. At some point, I got depressed and accepting my condition was the most difficult part. Remember am an artist, so the moment your skin changes, there are people who won’t want to work with you,” she said.

Mama Stella Pleads For Help

Owing to her condition and inability to land a job, Mama Stella pleaded with well-wishers to help her raise Sh150,000. This will help her cater for her medical expenses and upkeep. “To directors and producers out there, I look like this now but soon I’ll be back to my old self. My character is still the same. If you want a strong character and scenes to be acted out perfectly, I will deliver. I have heard there are doctors out there who specialize in vitiligo. If there is anyone out there who knows one, I won’t mind them holding my hand and supporting me.” She said.

mama stella
Clara Wamaitha

Cindy would really love to get back on track. So far, she thanks her family and especially her daughter, who brought back her self-esteem. “Even though my daughter helps me where she can, as parents, we feel bad seeing them struggle to cater for our needs, yet we are the ones supposed to be taking care of them,” she said.