• Fri. Oct 30th, 2020

Man Stabs wife & Later Slits His Throat.

Kimarat Estate in Kitengela has been sent into a solemn mood after a 35 year old man killed his estranged wife and later on committed suicide. According to relatives, the couples have been having on and off marital quarrels of which the mother of two has had to leave their matrimonial home several times. Timothy Weru is said to have killed his 23 year old wife Miriam after he convinced her to visit their rental house after being separated for weeks.

Miriam Nyakarao who operates an M-pesa shop near the house is said to have arrived at the single room around mid-day only for a commotion to erupt few minutes later. She tried to run away but the man pursued her and in the process he hit her with a hammer. Timothy then mercilessly stabbed her continuously as neighbor’s watched the horrifying scene since they could not help her. According to the neighbor’s he threatened to kill anyone who dared to rescue Nyakarao. She died as neighbor’s helplessly watched.

As a way of escaping and evading the crowds’ wrath that had begun to build up, Timothy ran back into the house, took a kitchen that he used to slit open his throat in a nearby open field. Cases of domestic violence have been on the rise ever since Covid-19 struck the country back in March earlier this year. Countless lives have been lost in between the domestic squabbles that have been on and off.

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