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Marriage supplements.


Jan 27, 2021
Marriage supplements.

Love is a decision, a commitment. It’s the action of deliberately choosing to dedicate yourself and your energies to making your loved one happy. Laying your love foundation on feelings alone then your marriage will crumble.

Marriage key

Americans believe that love is the main foundation of marriage. Most single people desire to get married at some point in life. In addition, among married people, 93% say love is a very important reason to get married; 84% of unmarried people say so.

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Love should have a central place in our life. Therefore our decision to marry or get into committed relationships relies on love … As Mignon McLaughlin says: “A successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same person.”

Importances of love
  • Love brings happiness
  • Sex strengthens your immune system
  • Increased financial security
  • Love breeds respect
  • You sleep better with the one you love
  • Love makes you live longer
Love essence in marriage

There are two major types of objections to considering love as the essence of marriage:

Marriage is a framework of living that includes other important factors besides love.

 Passionate love is a relatively short-term experience in our lives, and so the long-term aspects of love are of greater importance.

Marriage supplements.
Marriage supplements.

The first set of objections indicate that marriage is a social framework. This exists within certain socioeconomic circumstances. In addition, the well-being of the couple requires this fact to be taken into account.

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Love coordinates with attention. All parties in love also crave attention. This means notice taken of someone or something. Its also regarding someone or something as interesting or important. 

Sometimes attention and love confuses and some people would settle for attention first. Therefore, the statement that nobody is busy it all depends on the priority list wins.