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ByGladwell Wanjiku

Sep 9, 2020

Diana Marua, recently sent social media into a frenzy after she shared her sad story and the never seen pictures of herself looking swollen and entirely unrecognizable. Diana explained that she was suffering from hormonal acne right after giving birth to her second child, Majesty.
Her doctors advised her to give her body a period of six months to heal and adjust, but Diana opted for to seek a quicker remedy. She says she called her doctor every other time and he told her to give her body time to heal. She found it hard to wait since she had a reality show and wouldn’t post looking like that. She had hyper-pigmentation, her neck was dark and her chest full of pimples.
A beauty product company on social media then reached out for her and asked if she was willing to try out their products. The guy promised that her skin would be smooth and even-toned after using it severally. After a week of using the products, Diana started seeing changes. True to the guys words, she had no new breakouts and the ones that were there before were fading off.
Diana however stopped using the beauty products after her journey to recovery quickly went downhill when she started having allergic reactions. She took some pictures and sent them to the guy and told him that it was not only the face being affected. She had patches all over her body and was itchy all over.
She woke up the next day and her face was worse than the day before. “I freaked out and woke up my husband to take me to the hospital. The doctor told me he had to admit me to but before that, they injected me with an anti-allergy and prescribed a few drugs that would help me” she says.
Diana marua says the reason she shared this is because she wants people to be careful with products they are being advised to use. There are so many drugs and cosmetics, some are fake, some are replicas of the original products that are added so many chemicals.

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