• Wed. May 12th, 2021

Mary Mwadime, New Kemsa Chair.


Apr 30, 2021

Gazette notice dated 28th April 2021 shows the new heads of various boards. President Uhuru Kenyatta appoints Mary Chao Mwadime as the new KEMSA chairperson. Mary Chao Mwadime serves Kenya Medical Supplies Authority Board for a term period of three years.

Her term kicks off tomorrow the 30th of April, 2021. As a result of the new selection, Kembi Gitura’s appointment as the chairperson ends up revoked. Additionally, Health CS Mutahi Kagwe also stated the new Board of Directors. The new team similarly is in charge of the Kenya Medical Supplies Authority in a three-year term period. Their service kicks off on the 30th of April 2021. Robert Nyarango, Terry Kiunge Ramadhani and also Rtd. Lawrence wahome are the incoming KEMSA Board of Directors.


Their appointment means revoking the appointment of Bibiana Njue, Joel Gesuka, and also Timothy Waema. Earlier this month, Kembi Gitura got transferred from KEMSA to the Communications Regulatory Authority. His transfer occurred amidst investigations concerning the seven-point eight billion Covid-19 procurement scandal. His appointment received criticism from Kenyan Legislators.

New Kemsa Board Of Directors.

The appointment of the new team occurs few days after United States gave out its view concerning the ongoing ARV stand-off for the first time. The United States Secretary Anthony Blanked declared their stand while speaking to a local media house.  According to him corruption in the KEMSA offices was overwhelming. USAID earlier on declined to release the batch insisting that a private US Company becomes the distributor. They demanded that Chemonics International ends up as the distributors so that they release the drugs.


According to the State Secretary, the assistance from USAID to people living with HIV continues as long as there is transparency and accountability in KEMSA offices. “As people know we have had an issue with KEMSA mostly concerning corruption. However, I know that the government continues to work on reforming the matter. We ought to spend the taxpayer’s money in a manner showing full transparency and also accountability,” said the State Secretary.

He also added that during the new KEMSA reformation they made sure that no interruption on their assistance continues. They want to ensure that citizens in need of their help do not lack it as they will ensure full providence.