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Massawe “atawezana” .


Sep 8, 2020

Radio Jambo presenter Massawe Japanni has fallen victim to body shaming.The widely known radio personality has been critisized after posting an awesome photo of herself on her facebook page.One of her fans going by the name Kio Duru has body-shamed her saying that she has a bad body shape.

Bodyshaming is rising at a very fast rate on all internet sites.Its a major factor that mainly affects people’s self-esteem,pride and it mainly makes people become insecure of their physical appearance.Its very discouraging to see ladies criticise their fellow ladies just because of their physical appearance yet we all made in God’s image.people should encourage one another instead of lowering the other person’s esteem.

Massawe’s loyal fans came to her rescue emphasizing that Duru should mind her own business and leave the radio presenter alone.Comments from her loyal fans have shown that Massawe is among the most loved and respected presenters.She is wife to Tom Jappani who is radio maisha’s boss and also a loving mother of three beautiful girls.

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