• Sun. Oct 25th, 2020

Yusuf Kilungi better known by his stage name as Mbosso has opened up on a condition he has been trying to hide from the public. He revealed that he has been experiencing hand twitches that prevent him from having a firm grip when holding objects. Mbosso says that he’s been having this condition ever since his childhood.
Mbosso admitted that the condition has affected his social life to an extent that he even declines invitations to eat in people’s houses, fearing that he might end up breaking plates and cups. The singer’s efforts to find a solution to his condition are yet to bear fruits. He tried seeking treatment from different places but most responses killed his spirit.
His fans have shown him a lot of love this was after he was being interviewed on Wasafi Radio and he spoke about the problem he had, over 50 people came to his DM to suggest remedies that he could try out.
Some doctors said that it was hereditary and told him that he should learn to live with it. Touching by his healing process after the demise of Martha, Mbosso said he still misses her. The most surprising thing is that he still has her number and he at times calls her hoping that someone would pick up.
“Even as we speak, we are only left with two days to mark her first death anniversary,” says Mbosso. He says that Martha was so dear to him because the relationship they had was different from any other he has been in. Martha supported his music without even showing openly that she did. She could go to an event and pay the DJ to play Mbosso’s songs only throughout the event. Such a darling, right ?
“I loved her and I still do. I think about her every day and even when am praying I pray for her too.” Says Mbosso.

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