• Sun. Nov 29th, 2020
MC Jessy struggled to reach where he is today.

Comedian MC Jessy was a homeless boy in Nairobi, who had to hustle his way up. The comedian narrated how he relocated to the city after completing his secondary education. For instance, Jessy says he used to sleep at the Sunbird bus stop in the storeroom, where loads are kept. He also bumped into an old classmate, who turned out to be the son of an MP at the time. Jessy moved to his friend’s residence in Kileleshwa.

“I prepared breakfast for them during my first visit at their home and the MP liked it a lot,” he said. The MP liked him and decided to keep him as the houseboy. “I could not leave the comfort of the house and decided to stay. Before I knew it, I was a houseboy.

MC Jessy struggled to reach where he is today.
MC Jessy struggled to reach where he is today.

Challenges MC Jessy Faced.

MC Jessy also confessed that he used to do the Nameless’ hair before he joined comedy, adding that Nameless used to give him clothes. “I just appreciate Namalesskenya, when I had two to three t-shirts to wear, he allowed me to raid his closet.”

The hilarious MC says he met Churchill in a toilet and they talked, then he was later hired to host Churchill Raw. This helped him build his brand. “After we met, I told him I wanted to go back to Meru a different person and change the lives and mindsets of young people. Churchill and I brought the best event in Meru,” he said

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He always celebrates Churchill a lot for having changed his life. “God has used him to be a blessing to us. We honor him so much. Personally, he has changed my life in a major way.” This is such an inspiration, comedian Jessy fought homelessness, joblessness in addition to the loss of his parents to emerge as one of the best entertainers in the country.

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