• Sat. Oct 24th, 2020

Wahu’s Darkest Moment

ByGladwell Wanjiku

Oct 2, 2020

The former secular, now a gospel artiste ,Wahu Kagwe has left many in tears after sharing a touching past life experience story.

The mother of two daughters, has for the first time narrated how she was sexually molested by a relative when she was still young. When she was nine years, her mother left her in the custody of her cousin. He was probably 19 or 20 years by that time. He touched her inappropriately.

“It still hurts and upsets me when I think about it.” Said Wahu. The gospel artist said the reason she opened up was to encourage others to come out and speak up. “I am saying this because as parents we need to be careful who we let to the space of our homes, children.”

As a mother of girls, she says she can’t let just any guy into her house or even entrust her kids with somebody. “ My message to parents is that they should just be more hands-on when it comes to caring for our children. Most of the people who have been sexually molested are young people and by their relatives.” Said Wahu

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