• Mon. Oct 26th, 2020

Mother Losses 2 Kids In Dam Saga.

A   Form three student from Pangani girls High School committed suicide after she allegedly had an argument with her mother over a phone. According to Gatundia residents, the student drowned herself in Kiriti dam within Laikipia area.

Devastated Laikipia Residents.

The argument is said to have been brought about by a phone that the girl had been forbidden to use by the mother but she did not adhere leading to a confrontation between the two. The worst and saddest part is that her elder brother jumped into the dam to save her but he drowned in the process leaving the family in more pain. The County Commissioner Mr Hezron Nyamberi has confirmed the incidence putting into consideration the fact that the lady left a note saying she had been angered by her mother’s decision to confiscate her phone against her wish.

“She jumped into Kiriti dam and efforts by her elder brother to rescue her were futile as he also drowned,”Mr Nyamberi added. The County Commissioner has requested the Kenyan youth to ensure they respect their parents in order to ensure they have some cordial relationship. He has also requested them to ensure they do not commit suicide but rather seek guidance from the relevant authorities.

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