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ByBeatrice Muthoni

Aug 4, 2020

The revenue allocation formula has ignited mixed reaction in the senate. Recently a group of senators from the jubilee faction have opposed the proposed revenue allocation bill. The jubilee Vice chairman said the named persons, senator john sakaja, former majority leader kipchumba murkomen and anwar oloitiptip are to face serious displinary actions following their stand. “We are not done with then. We will deal with the senators for going against the party position.”

Yesterday a banner as placed strategically on a key road in Nairobi stating that super senator Sakaja is a traitor. ”How can the so Senators go against the bill yet their counties stand to benefit? Its cheap politics and we will not have a space for them freely politicking”,Murathe said.


According to murathe any disciplinary decision that will be taken on the senators will be three own doing, this comes as the senate is due to meet today as they cast there last dice today.

Sakaja and murkomen claimed that they were doing this in solidarity with the decentralized units that were losing.

Other senetors that are to face disciplinary actions are senator Cleophas Malala,Mutual Kilonzo Jnr,Sam Ongeri,Philip Mpaayei And Boniface Kabaka.

In a tweet yesterday murkomen stated that he would like the senate house to apply the formula they are pushing in the senate to distribute the national government budget for the next two years. He said that this will help the marginalized areas start feeling the impact of national government.

18 counties have been seen raising opposition due to reduction of what they were receiving.

Senator sakaja has said that there was no party position on the matter and a party position should only be arrived at if members of a assembly debate an issue and agrees or disagrees. He added that they should be the ones to discipline them saying that they are the ones going against the party position.

He said that he is not afraid of being kicked out of the party because the party position is not all about Marathe’s musings or Kang’ata’s opinion.

Today, sakaja, Malala and mutual jnr have lined up similar amendments that will see the senate vote on one after the other. sakaja said that they already have 30 senators to vote for the amendment.

Murathe has said that they will fail the amendment and instead pass the original CRA.

Yesterday ODM leader raila odinga,who had a meeting with Murathe on Sunday, asked the senators to revert to the CRA recommendation and pass it as if they fail to agree on the formula by the finance committee.

Meanwhile, a group of 10 MPs from northern frontier district have threatens to pull out their support for Uhuru and Raila if they continue supporting the new formula.

In a tweet today, Narok Senator Ledama Olekina has told senators that it will be suicidal for any senator to accept a bribe of Kshs 5M to fuel the division of Kenya due to the revenue share discourse! He annoyingly said that their families will never have peace if they accept bribe to divide Kenya.

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