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Musikari Kombos Brother Buried While Sitting.


Oct 19, 2020

The brother to former Webuye MP Musikari Kombo was laid to rest on Saturday, October 17th in a ceremony where some unique cultural practices were seen. Originating from Baganda clan from Bukusu sub-tribe in Bungoma County, the deceased was laid to rest in a sitting position, a burial practice the elders claim has been going on for years.

The Originality of the Practice.

Enock Sirongo the chairman of the Baganda clan while speaking to reporters said the peculiar and rarely seen practice was adopted after their leader Mulunda died while seated on an anthill. According to Sirongo, Mulunda had gone to graze cows but the animals came back without him and as a result people organized a search party since he was unwell.

He was found seated on an anthill while dead but he was not lying down. His family and friends thus buried him in that position,” he said.


During the burial for the former MP’s brother, rainmakers were summoned to invoke heavens for rain. After the downpour, the body was lowered into the grave, placed in a sitting position while in the coffin and the casket covered with a white cloth.

The piece of clothing means that when Mulunda died, there were some leaves placed on him and that’s why a dead person’s coffin is also covered, “the chairman added. It is so evident that the Balanda community will hold on to this practice and they also said they will hold on to the rather unorthodox practice for as long as they can.

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