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Mwahima Laid To Rest


Aug 25, 2020

Former Likoni Legislator Masoud Mwahima has been laid to rest.The veteran politician passed away at around 11pm at his Vyemani home in Likoni ,Mombasa County due to asthma complications.According to his son Juma,they had taken him to St Thomas hospital on Sunday and later discharged after he was treated only for him to succumb yesterday night.

“We took him to hospital after he had complained of asthma on Sunday, and when we brought him back, he was okay. Today night when we were seated outside our home, we heard a long silence and when we went to check him, he was dead,” said his son Juma. Mr Mwahima has passed away at the age of 78 . His death comes just 3 weeks after that of former Changamwe Mp Ramadhan Kajembe who succumbed to Covid-19.

The two once served together in the National Assembly & were among Veteran politicians at the Coast.Mr Mwahima was first elected to parliament in 2007/2008 on an ODM ticket and later re-elected in 2013 where he served until 2016 when he ditched the party and joined jubilee.He was also the chairman of Kanu in Likoni earlier in his political career.

Today morning, Coast MPs and residents shared their condolences and took to social media to mourn the former legislator.


“From God we shall return. This is the year of tragedy. Praise be to God. May Allah grant his excellency Mwahima a good place in the grave and the hereafter,” posted Kwale Woman Rep Zulekha Hassan.

Jomvu MP Badi Twalib said: “On behalf of Jomvu Constitutency, I wish to express our condolences and prayers to the great people of Likoni for the loss of their Former MP Mzee Masoud Mwahima. May Allah Grant them patience and comfort to his immediate family at this trying times.”

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