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My Co-wife My Stylist


Aug 18, 2020

To many people an ex and co-wife is an enemy or rather their worst nightmare but two female celebrities have emerged and proven that they can work something positive despite meeting on weird circumstances. Kenyan singer and radio personality Tanasha Donna & Video vixen Hamisa Mobetto who is also an entrepreneur are seemingly the epitome of women empowerment and the girl code ‘hoes before bros’. There’s a newfound friendship between Bongo Flava king, Diamond Platnumz’s ex-girlfriends. The two social media sensations have been spotted making happy moments with each other to support each other’s dreams & building one another as women, despite their not so pleasant history both being Diamond Platinumz’s baby mamas.

Most people were expecting that the two would be beefing due to their drama-filled love lives but Mobetto & Tanasha have proved the world wrong. They have both worked in Tanasha’s new hit ‘Liar ‘featuring Masauti with Mobetto styling their outfits leaving many people shocked. In a post on instagram, Tanasha thanked and praised her co-baby mama for the job well done and showed some love and affection. She said, “Enyewe Mobetto umetesa kwa vazi hili @hamisamobetto @mobettostyles made us look like ROYALTY. LIAR OUT NOW LINK ON MY BIO.” She also thanked many of the people on her team who helped see the song through, including her fans.

It is widely known that women don’t get along with other women who may have dated or had a ‘thing ‘with their baby daddy, lover, or any man they have been involved with. This newfound friendship between Tanasha and Hamisa has genuinely shocked many. Its high time women start embracing the fellow women they share their husbands or baby daddies with even though it’s a painful fact to accept but men being men they will mostly go out. Embracing each other will be of great benefit bearing in mind that you are both exes you will most likely develop and help each other instead of being enemies. Your current circumstance ought to change your future and at most times pain is a stepping stone to happiness.

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