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Mysterious Illness Strikes Kakamega.


Apr 7, 2021
mysterious illness strikes kakamega

Amidst the coronavirus crisis that’s claiming lives and leaving families broken, Kakamega County seems different. A mysterious illness has left Kakamega County in shock as it’s already claimed eight lives. Twenty of them currently battling for their lives in hospital.

All the eight victims hail from Isukha village. In addition, reports do indicate that they succumbed while receiving treatment at Kakamega Referral Hospital. According to residents, all victim’s troubles started few days after taking illicit brew. They also state that that’s when the body pains kicked off. Coincidentally, they drank illicit brew that had been stolen from one of the dens in the village.

8 succumb to mysterious illness while in hospital
8 succumb to mysterious illness while in hospital

Mysterious Illness Victims Experience Similar Symptoms.

According to residents who witnessed the saga, all the victims showed similar symptoms. They included; the skin peeling off, severe pain, swelling on the left hand, and later succumb to death. Clara Musanga who’s now left a widow explains the mystery she’s yet to unfold. “ My husband showed the symptoms on his left hand and sadly succumbed a few days later. We even do not know what kind of disease it is. It’s a huge loss to all of us .”

mysterious illness strikes kakamega
mysterious illness strikes kakamega

The residents also indicate that most of the victims who experienced the mysterious illness are men aged between thirty and forty-five years. According to the area chief, those who stole the materials for making the beer later sold them to the brewer. Later on, due to the loss of the materials, the owner sought help from a local witch doctor who did the act.

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“According to residents, the young boys upon stealing the raw materials took them to the brewer who later distilled Chang’aa from them. Later on the offended person upon discovering her raw materials are missing, took the law into her hands. She decided to seek help from the local witch doctor. As of offering the services, the witch doctor sought some of the chang’aa and used it when casting the spell. Also, the witchdoctor vows that the remaining twenty-five individuals who took the liquor will also succumb.,” Stated Malimili sub-location assistant chief.

The residents remain in shock and fear as they continue to nurse their sick relatives and also friends. We also hope that residents soon get a solution.