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Mystery Behind Missing Thika Millionaire.


Dec 7, 2020
mystery missing thika millionaire

Eleven weeks ago, the whereabouts of the Thika-based millionaire became a mystery. Mr. Julius Gitau popularly known as Gitau wa mali went missing on September 21st at around mid-day. Coincidentally his disappearance was a mystery and now his return remains a mystery waiting to be unfolded.

The popular Thika millionaire showed up yesterday claiming that his captives have released him. While giving police reports, he did state his abductors are the same people who set him free. Later on Saturday, he did identify his location to be Kamwangi in Gatundu North Constituency. Mr. Gitau also said that he did spend the night at his third wife’s house, Selina Nelly. Apparently, detectives are the ones who picked Gitau’s mobile signal as he was talking with his wife.

mystery missing thika millionaire
mystery missing thika millionaire

The detectives hence made a follow-up and confirmed his presence in Selina’s house. He later made his report to the DCI offices in Gatanga yesterday evening. The police say Gitau told them that his abductors were gunmen. He also added that the abduction took place at around 10 am on September 21st near Kenya Revenue Authority in Thika. The Jugi enterprises’ owner claims to have been abducted on his way to the gym.

The abduction mystery

On the fateful abduction day, he did deliver a parcel to his messenger at around 7 am in his shop. He was accompanied by Selina who is also a police officer in Thika. He later left for the gym but he never arrived at his intended destination. Apparently, after abducting him they gave him a drugged soda. This made him became unconscious. The Thika based millionaire gives a tale of how his abductors made him their houseboy.

“I washed clothes and utensils for the tenants. Also, I cleaned the compound as a way of following my abductors’ orders. I never set foot outside the servant quarters that they placed me. I cannot even recall how the big house looks,” Mr. Gitau’s police statement.

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However, Murang’a police officers informed a local news outlet that there are more untold details to this mystery. They have pledged to review Mr. Gitau’s account of what transpired with all technology and expertise available. The Thika based millionaire’s mother could not hide her joy.

69-year-old Rosemary Wanjiru is now a happy soul. She became overjoyed after receiving the good news. Ms. Wanjiru also said that she had reached pit bottom. The only hope she had left within her is travelling to Nairobi and camp outside State House. Meanwhile, Gatanga DCI boss says they have allowed the businessman to seek medical attention and counseling. Apparently, he looks so traumatized. For instance, ever since Gitau disappeared no one called his family asking for ransom. This bit makes the police and detectives want to unravel the mystery behind  Gitau’s 75 days of captivity.