• Sat. Dec 5th, 2020
organ transplant policy in focus

For the first time, the Kenyan government has recommended a new regulation to guard organ donors. Moreover, this applies to donating and transplanting the male reproductive organ. A proposal from the Ministry of Health to the Kenya National Blood Transfusion service bill 2020 has given directives on the legal penis transplant.

Therefore, body organs, tissues or blood will not be exchanged for money according to the proposal. Actually, a fine between 10 million and 20 million or 10 years in jail will be executed for those breaking this law.

Transplanting challenges

The ministry has said that it will push the law to pass. Nevertheless, the parliamentary health committee is opposing the proposal. According to the Ministry, the health act of 2017 on transplanting is a requirement.

The proposal indicates how organ transplanting law in Kenya should look like. Manhood threat is increasing. Cancers, botched circumcisions, violence and road accidents have especially contributed to this.

Kenyatta National Hospital has increasingly recorded new penile cancer cases. Moreover, they record about 50 cases annually. In the 1990s, Kenyan hospitals recorded two cases only. Kenya has recorded about 18 deaths from the cases.

The proposal indicates how organ transplanting law in Kenya should look like


A while back, 15 Kenyan medical specialists performed a rare transplant on a 16-year-old boy. It involved fixing his completely chopped penis . Therefore, the ministry of health has proposed the establishment of a responsible donor organ sharing scheme. It will help in equitable allocation of organs. To avoid favoritisms and corruption, the bill says that allocation will be done automatically through modern algorithm.

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