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Joseph Maria Bartomeu

Neymar jr
Neymar jr,Paris Saint-Germain STRIKER

According to Joseph Maria Bartomeu who is the president of Barcelona it will be hard signing the Neymar Jr who is currently playIng at PSG. Neymar had turned down an offer to return to his former club during the transfer window of 2018-2019. He also echo that PSG would not sell Neymar because he is a key player and a good team player. “It’s not viable in this situation,” he said.

Barcelona has been in constant communication with Inter as they eyed to acquire Lautaro Martinez ,22, who was to replace Luis Suarez as his contract is due to end by 2021. Mr Joseph Maria Bartomeu argues that at the moment spending heavily of a quality player like Martinez would not serve the club well.

“Players at Lautaro‘s level cannot be ruled out,” he added.

Barcelona have spoken with Inter for a number of weeks, but talks stopped because of a mutual agreement with Inter.

“The situation doesn’t allow for big investments, but it’s possible to sign with player swaps.”

Messi is also expected to end his career at Barcelona as he has earlier stated.

“He’ll finish his career at Barcelona,” Bartomeu said.

“His next contract will finish next year but I have no doubt that he’ll keep his word and end his career here.”

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