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Obado Out As Mahanga Takes Charge.


Sep 3, 2020

Migori County Deputy Governor Nelson Mahanga Mwita, has taken over key functions of the county after the High Court blocked Governor Okoth Obado from accessing his offices. The Governor is currently facing graft charges. The ODM’s party decision to push for the impeachment of Governor Obado and have his deputy take charge has brought out mixed reactions in the county as his supporters claim foul play and favourism on one side.

Speaking in his office on Wednesday afternoon, Mr Mahanga said he is back and ready to discharge his duties in the absence of his boss. According to him, his prolonged absence from the public has been due to being ill but he is now fully recovered. “I do not wish for the governor to be thrown behind bars, actually he is in my prayers daily and I have no intention whatsoever to unseat him ,”he added.

Migori deputy governor

Mr Mahanga further added that there was no vacuum in the county’s leadership. “Migori people & residents should remain calm.We will deliver to you people with the support of other executives & also putting into fact that there is no leadership vacuum,”Mr Mahanga said.

Despite these remarks, Mr Obado’s supporters have accused Senator Ochillo Ayacko of scheming to have the County chief impeached.

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