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Obese people risk contacting COVID-19


Aug 4, 2020 ,

 Current research has shown there’s a link between obesity and Covid-19, but it’s difficult to fathom what it is. We do know that people who are obese seem to suffer severely from Coronavirus with a high risk of dying. Also, the more obese people are, the more severely they suffer COVID. The risk increases by almost half (44%) in people who are overweight and by nearly 100% of people who are obese. It’s possible that the fat cells of obese people are a target for and a reservoir of the coronavirus before it invades the rest of the body.

The surface of fat cells provides an easy entry for COVID into our bodies as they lock on and penetrate the cells. In people who are obese, lung function is often already compromised because of greater resistance in the airways and greater difficulty in expanding the lungs.

  • Today 605 people have tested positive for COVID-19
  • 204 of them are female while 401 are male
  • 582 are Kenyans while 27 are foreigners
  • Today’s new samples add up the cumulative tests to 322923
  • The oldest being 99 years & the youngest is a 2 year old infant
  • Nairobi county leads with 373 new cases
  • 587 have recovered today, summing up total recoveries to 9327
  • 87 have been discharged from various hospitals & 500 from home based program
  • 6 people have succumbed to coronavirus adding up the number of deaths to 388 in the last 24hrs.

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