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Tips of great parenting strategies.

Byflorence wairimu

Jul 15, 2020

parents having time with the kid

Parenting refers to the activity of bringing up child as a parent.

Also can be done by other peoples’ parents, guardians and friends in general.

 Types of parenting

  1. Disciplinarian parenting-This is a style of parenting that has high responsiveness and demand. It has an effect to the child for it disciplines them.
  2. Permissive parenting-It is characterized by low demand with high responsiveness. It tends to be very loving yet provides few guidelines and rules.
  3. Uninvolved-Here the parent does not involve him\herself in lifting up the children.
  4. Authoritative parenting-It is a style that has high responsiveness and demand .Such a parent is responsive to children emotional needs while having highs children standards.

 Tips of child rearing and their effects

  1. Boosting child self- esteem-This helps a child to learn to do things at every age, to focus on strengths.
  2. Have time with kids –Having time kids helps them to know the meaning on their life and shows love to them and others.
  3. Be a role-model-Being a good role model children helps them to grow as role model to others and they late apply the qualities as they grow up.
  4. Be flexible and willing to adjust your parenting style-This helps them to know that they are lovable and capable .Also assists in solving problems with kids and eventually they learn problem solving purposes and process.

How to solve parenting problems

  1. Define the problem-You should be clear and specific for the problem expected to solve.
  2. Brainstorm solutions-Note all possible solutions.
  3. After brainstorming solutions evaluate them and choose one and the best.
  4. Try the solution-The solution chosen, try to fix it and solve the problem.
  5. Review-This involves trying actively to listen to when others are talking and seek clarifications on issues not well understood.

Parenting qualities

  • Flexibility-Flexible parents tends to be open minded and easy going.
  • Sense of humor-Parents with healthy sense of humor are the most popular adults on the block.
  • Good modelling-Parents with good role models helps children to grow as models.
  • Academic support-Parents should provide education to their children  in order to gain knowledge and skills.
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