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Pastor Becomes Stripper

ByGladwell Wanjiku

Jan 5, 2021

Nikole Mitchell, a pastor has given up on the church to become a stripper. This has amazed thousands of fans who pay to see her x-rated photos and videos. The mom of three said she always wanted to become an erotic dancer. But being brought up in a strict Christian family put an end to her dreams. Pastor Nikole Mitchell has now come out as a bisexual and carved a new career as a stripper, model and also a dancer.

stripper Michell

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Nikole’s children are five, seven, and ten, and the mother is already having age-appropriate conversations with them about her career. “I think as any parent, we want the best for our kids and never want to hurt them. They know I do modeling and nude modeling and we’re having age-appropriate conversations.” She says. During her pastor days, the stripper claimed she’s “dating Jesus”. Now she has made it clear that being a pastor was nothing compared with the celebrity brought on by being a stripper.

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Nikole ditched her life as a pastor in Ohio three years ago and now lives in California. She regularly posts semi-naked images on her Instagram page to her 42,000 followers and runs a successful only fans account where people pay to see explicit photos and videos of her.

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She now makes $100,000 a month. In a new year’s post that featured her in skimpy lingerie. Mitchell says that her blessings include being sought out as a life coach expert on TV. In addition, being reached out to by celebrities and stars who want to connect and collaborate.

Mitchell Nikole when she was a pastor

How Pastor Nikole Mitchell started

She said that she started off with just topless photos, but now she is at the point where she takes personal requests. She makes videos for people according to their specific desires. Her marriage took place when she was 36 years. The family sees it as a rebellious move. This is because a woman’s place was in the kitchen and taking care of the children. But when Mitchell and her now ex-husband, joined an evangelist megachurch in St. Paul, she had enlightenment which led to her life-changing decision.

Mitchell Nikole

Nikole began questioning her sexuality in 2016 after she went to an LGBT-oriented theatre performance. The same year, she realized she was bisexual and pansexual. She did not want to live a complicated life. Nikole left the church for good and came out in a confessional Youtube video. She posted it on her social media platforms. Nikole claims now she is happier than ever. Tasked with rebuilding her life all over again, she dove deeper into her passions and took a class called ‘Sexpress You,’ focused on expressing oneself sexually. Mitchell booked her first nude photoshoot shortly thereafter and never looked back.

Nikole Mitchell, the pastor who turned to a stripper

 She added that, “Every person has the right to express themselves in whatever way feels good to them and this is how it feels good to me. My sexuality is incredibly healing and sacred. And when I give this gift to people, it blesses them.”