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PDA; KNH Does Closed Heart Surgery


Feb 9, 2021
mary wanjiku

Kenyatta National Hospital performs another successful surgery. In 2014 Mary Wanjiku by then form three was discovered with a heart condition. Apparently, Mary was born with a heart condition termed PDA. Doctors stated that she’s got a hole in her heart. Also, according to her mother, she was a sickly child while growing up.

According to doctor Naomi Gachara, everyone is born with a vessel called PDA. However, the vessel should close by about three weeks after birth. Mary’s vessel persisted and also failed to close. She visited Kenyatta National Hospital last year and doctors scheduled the minimal invasive procedure. However, due to the coronavirus pandemic, they postponed the procedure to this year. In addition, specialized heart doctors perform the PDA invasive closure procedure.

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PDA stands for Patent Ductus Arteriosus. It’s an opening between two blood vessels that lead to the heart. The medical condition arises when the vessel fails to close after birth.


According to specialists, a small PDA usually has no symptoms. However, the larger one has a number of symptoms. This may cause breathlessness, failure to thrive, and in addition poor eating. The respiratory system becomes a victim. It also suffers. For instance, one may experience respiratory distress, shortness of breath, or at times faster breathing.

The heart also receives the blow. The heart rate at times becomes faster.

mary wanjiku
mary wanjiku

The Procedure

This procedure takes a minimum of forty-five minutes. The designated team mostly consists of a six-member team. The team comprises two cardiologists, an anesthesiologist, two nurses, and also a cardiac technician. Whenever they use the correct gadgets, no complications arise later on.

Sikua najua tu kama naeza kuwa nimepona Kwa sasa. Ningesema tu ni asanti ,” says eighteen-year-old Mary Wanjiku.

The medical team released Mary twenty-four hours after surgery. This is way shorter than the time a patient gets released when it’s an open heart surgery. This adds up to the number of successful rare surgeries the hospital has performed. Five years ago a team of fifty medical specialists operated on conjoined twins. This specifically took twenty-three hours and also it was a success.

Surgeons perfoming invasive closure surgery
Surgeons perfoming invasive closure surgery

This procedure now shows confidence in Kenyan doctors. Also, more patients can now access cardiology services in the country hence saving up their budget. This invasive closure procedure sums up to a total of forty-two of them. All these have been performed in Kenyatta National Hospital.