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Pensioner Turns Mansion Into Elderly Home.


Oct 1, 2020

We give not because we have plenty in-stock but so as to at least put a smile on the less fortunate. Ninety-four-year-old Nduhiu Njama has embarked on a mission to put a smile on the faces of the elderly in his county. Nagged by the reality that the region is rapidly growing and the younger generation that is meant to look after the elderly in rural areas is leaving for the cities in search of employment. He has decided to convert his mansion that is situated on a 6 acre plot into a home for the elderly.

The retired teacher and father of six has given up the sh6 million mansion he built in 1992,in Kiawaithanji, Tetu Constituency to serve the elderly’s needs. “Before my wife passed away in 2003, we always wanted something to give back in the society but had we had not decided on what to do. Since she is now gone, I’ve no one to share the property with,”Mzee Njama said. In 2015 he registered the Gladys & Njama Foundation as a rescue center for bright but poor girls who are unable to pay their way into secondary school. It’s on this foundation that he has bestowed the rights to take care of the property that’s due.

Once the board vets the most needy cases Mzee Njama plans to move to Nairobi to stay with his children. When he announced his intentions to his family, one of his granddaughters June Njama said that the decision did not surprise them because of his humble nature. “We always knew he was a man with a generous heart & did not object his wish that part of our inheritance be used for the construction of a home for the aged, “she said. Many ageing people are weak & poor in health and most likely have little or no income.Mzee Njama’s noble project is timely.

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