• Sat. Oct 24th, 2020

I have heard several really beautiful love stories. The best part for me is how couples meet. Two love birds I know met at a wedding, while another amazing couple met on Instagram, and have now being married for 4 years and 3 years respectively. Beautiful, right? However, there is a portion of singles seeking love we never hear about: those who actually date online for a pretty long time and before they meet in person, the magical social media lover simply disappears.  Netizens call it ghosting, and it is real.

 A beautiful lady meets a guy, they are simply compatible. They talk for long hours on phone and even progress to video calling to keep love ablaze. Relationship statuses after a while change from “it is complicated” to “in a relationship with”. They tag each other in every photograph, even snaps of food. Their social media friends and followers know about their relationship, and if you mentioned that they have never met, no one would believe you. They make short term and long term plans and even decide on where they will settle and how many kids they will have. Their match is simply made in heaven (and in back offices of social media platforms of course!)

After several days, weeks, months and years of awesomeness and falling in love, the soulmate simply ghosts: no calling, no texting, and no tagging, and eventually, ignoring and blocking.  The question is pretty obvious: what happens? Too bad you can’t get answers from the ghosting perpetrator when you are so brutally blocked. Ever heard of blue ticks on WhatsApp? They also start happening, or even worse, grey ticks.  Am no relationship expert, but I think one would agree that if feelings and/or situations change and one feels incapacitated to continue an online relationship, simply let the other party know. Do not drag them along and raise false hopes in them. It is basically selfish and unfair. Cheers to those who keep it real and have made it this far. After all, no one knows when and how true love actually comes along.

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