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President Commissions new carline.


Dec 10, 2020
President Commissions Kenyan aBuilt Cars [photos]

president Uhuru Kenyatta on Thursday, December 10, commissioned the local assembly of Proton Saga saloon cars. This at the Associated Vehicle Assemblers (AVA) in Miritini, Mombasa County.

The president lauded Simba Corporation, the Proton franchise holder in Kenya. Therefore all other assemblers for supporting the government’s agenda to revive the local vehicle assembly industry.

He stated that the industry would help to support wealth and employment creation for the Kenyan youth.

The president reiterated the government’s commitment to continue rolling out transformative development projects across the country.

The Kenyan government is planning to phase out the import of used vehicles from Europe, the USA and Japan.

”By phasing out the imports, climate change combates and help in the growth of local industries.” The government argues.

Hence, cars, vans and minibuses from the second-hand market may be phased out in 2 years’ time.  

At the start of 2019, the government advertised the implementation of the National Automotive Policy. It aimed at supporting locally assembled vehicles.

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The age limit of imported passenger vehicle progressively raises to expand the market for vehicles assembled in Kenya.

The president also used the opportunity to rally Miritini residents in supporting the BBI constitutional reform process.

He maintained that the initiative aimed at crafting a more United and progressive Kenya.

President Commissions Kenyan aBuilt Cars [photos]
President Commissions Kenyan aBuilt Cars [photos]

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The head of state should also commission the Liwatoni floating footbridge, an 800 meters long infrastructure. Hence aims at helping curb the spread of Covid-19.

Plans are underway for another mega project that will accommodate vehicles driving across the channel.

As it stands, cars manufactured in 2013 or any year that precedes that would not be allowed into the country after December 31, 2020.