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Raila Losses, Ang’atuliwa Na Ruto.


Dec 17, 2020
Raila losses to Ruto In Msambweni By-elections

Raila Odinga has now lost his long battle to the Deputy President, William Samoei Ruto. The Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) party leader loss occurs after the Msambweni Parliamentary bi-elections. The Tuesday 14th December bi-elections have proven Feisal Abdallah who Ruto stood by as the incoming Msambweni Member of Parliament. Raila Losses greatly in the coastal region as a result of Feisal’s win.

The Msambweni bi-elections in Kwale County occur as a test to the ‘handshake’ bond. Apparently, the political might of President Uhuru Kenyatta and that of the ODM party leader have been on one side. While Deputy President William Ruto is on the other side as their opponent.

Raila losses to Ruto In Msambweni By-elections
Raila losses to Ruto In Msambweni By-elections

Raila Losses To Ruto

The Orange Democratic Movement(ODM) Party leader has held the Msambweni Constituency in his hold ever since the 2007 elections. This occurs as a result of the constituency having more than 69,000 voters. In addition, during these bi-elections, he has been backing Omar Iddi Boga. He was the Orange Democratic Movement aspirant.

Apparently, the Jubilee party lead by President Uhuru  Kenyatta never had a candidate vying for the Msambweni bi-elections. This is a way of respecting the handshake spirit. However, this looks like a silent way of supporting and backing up the ODM party candidate.

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Although this is not the case for Deputy President Ruto whose allies have been backing Abdallah Bader. He has been vying who stood as an independent contestant. Coincidentally, this occurs as a way of removing Raila’s hold on the coastal region as Ruto prepares for the 2022 General Elections.

Ruto Emerges Victorious

Mombasa Governor, who is also the Orange Democratic Movement Deputy Party leader was in full support of the bi-elections campaign. This occurs despite the fact that the elections were in Kwale County which is not his county. Apparently, a win to the ODM candidate would mean a plus to his say in the coastal region.

“We have been campaigning peacefully and I humbly ask for your votes. If Orange Democratic Movement Candidate  Omar Iddi Boga loses the Msambweni bi-elections, this will greatly affect my future politically. We are not like the Tangatanga team who have been hurling insults to people “. Mombasa Governor Joho said during the final rally held at the Masai market in Ukunda.


On the 10th of December during Boga’s campaigns, Raila stated that the bi-elections will be a way of analyzing his popularity in the coastal region. In addition, the BBI say in the coastal region was to be shown through the ODM party win in msambweni. For the last fifteen years, the Orange Democratic Movement has been having a grip on the Coastal elections.

There is no given time that the Msambweni seat has been ruled by a different party. This comes as a big blow to all ODM campaigns. Previously Raila had also stated how the Msambweni bi-elections results will affect them. If we sail here as the Orange Democratic Movement, this means that the Building Bridges Initiative is affected negatively and many problems will arise”. said the ODM party leader Raila Odinga.

Msambweni Big Blow To ODM

In addition, Deputy President allies have been saying that a win to Ruto is a way of testing his ‘Hustler’  reception. In addition, his politics in the Country have also risen positively7 as the Msambweni win occurs at a time when he has been receiving all manner of criticism. For the last two months, Boga Bader has been advertising himself as the ‘Handshake’ choice as he joyrides Raila and Uhuru back up.

Ruto emerges victorious
Ruto emerges victorious

Feisal Abdallah Bader’s win comes as he garnered 15,251 votes against ODM’s Boga Omari who got 10,444 votes. Early Wednesday morning, Feisal in the company of Jubilee MPs who are allies of Ruto was issued with the election certificate. As early as 3 am Feisal’s supporters took the streets as they celebrate this big win.

Coincidentally, Feisal is the nephew to former Msambweni Mp Suleiman Dori who died in March. The MP was an ODM lawmaker who succumbed at the Aga Khan Hospital in Mombasa as he was undergoing cancer treatment.

Other candidates in the Msambweni bi-election race were: UGM’s Hamisi Mwakaonje who scored 41 votes. Wiper’s Shee Mahmoud Abdulrahman garnered 191 votes, Marere Wa Mwachai got 40 votes. Ali Hassan got 64 votes, Charles Bambo Bilali got 37 votes. Mansury Kumaka also got 17 votes, and lastly Sharlet Akinyi with 4 votes. Raila now losses in his BBI campaign due to the Msambweni bi-elections.