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Rape Incidence Strikes Migori Hospital.


Feb 2, 2021
health department migori county hospital

Any male person who commits rape or an act that causes penetration with a female person who is to his knowledge his sister, daughter, granddaughter, niece, mother, aunt, or even grandmother is guilty of an offense termed as incest. As a result, the person is liable to imprisonment of a term not less than ten years. Apparently, the same occurs for any female who commits the act.

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In Migori County workmates have a quarrel to sort out. A health department worker has allegedly raped his workmates’ wife. In addition to the pain, he attempts to defile the daughter. Rape cases have widely gone viral over the few months. On the twenty-third of January this year, the gruesome act took place at the Level Four Hospital. This information occurs as per the details given to the court.

man rapes workmates' wife
man rapes workmates’ wife

Rape Occurs In Hospital

The suspect Mr. Kaunda David fell into police hands on the 1st of February 2021. Apparently, the police got a hint of the matter and also acted immediately. Luckily the fifteen-year-old girl and her mother got rescued. Currently, they are receiving treatment in the hospital. Despite being caught, the suspect has declined all charges leveled against him. This occurs in the presence of the Migori County Resident Magistrate.

academic perfomance is declining rapidly
academic perfomance is declining rapidly

To his saving grace is a two hundred thousand bond. However, if this is not met, an assurance of the same amount of money is to be submitted. March this year, both cases have their hearing scheduled.

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Elsewhere, reports reveal that most students sitting for the KCPE this year are currently failing. Apparently, their marks have dropped while comparing them to their previous term. Early today morning, the examination body revealed these facts. Averagely, most students have also not attained the fifty percent pass mark.

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Languages receive the biggest blow as most students have word categories problems. Applying the essence of reading and also grammar seems difficult. It in addition, appears that the one-year break has really affected learning and remembrance. Public schools seem to get it rough as their performances have declined. However, those in private schools have higher mean scores than them. Boys still lead in mathematics as girls take charge of languages.