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Relationship Evaluation….Stay Healthy!!!


Jan 20, 2021
Relationship Evaluation....Stay Healthy!!!

 Healthy relationship means that both you and your partner are: Communicative. You talk openly about problems and listen to one another. You respect each other’s opinions.

Relationship is the way in which two or more people or things are connected, or the state of being connected.

Types Of Relationships

An interpersonal relationship refers to the association, connection, interaction and bond between two or more people. There are many different types of relationships. This section focuses on four types of relationships: Family relationships, Friendships, Acquaintanceships and Romantic relationships.

Relationship Evaluation....Stay Healthy!!!
Relationship Evaluation….Stay Healthy!!!
The top 5 skills for a happy relationship

Empathy. Sometimes, arguments reach a stalemate because neither partner is willing to listen to what the other is saying. …

Communication. It’s an obvious one, but bears repeating. In addition, communication is one of the most important skills in any relationship.

Conflict. When conflicts arises call for conflict solution is needed.


Love. Turns to be the most crucial element. Since it calls for all good virtues.

What makes relationship health?

If you have or want a romantic relationship, you probably want a healthy one, right? But what’s a healthy relationship, exactly?

Well, it depends.

Healthy relationships don’t look the same for everyone since people have different needs. Your specific needs around communication, sex, affection, space, shared hobbies or values, and so on may change throughout life.

So, a relationship that works in your 20s may be nothing like the relationship you want in your 30s.

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Relationships that don’t align with more traditional definitions of a relationship can still be healthy. For example, people who practice polyamory or ethical nonmonogamy might define a healthy relationship somewhat differently than people who practice monogamy.

In short, “healthy relationship” is a broad term because what makes a relationship thrive depends on the needs of the people in it.

But a few key signs do stand out in flourishing relationships.

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Relationship Evaluation....Stay Healthy!!!
Relationship Evaluation….Stay Healthy!!!
Toxic Relationship

 Toxic People, defines a toxic relationship as “any relationship [between people who] don’t support each other, where there’s conflict and one seeks to undermine the other, where there’s competition.


If these keep showing up, it’s time to get out.

Passive aggressive behavior.


volatile relationship forces you into strong emotional involvement. These passionate, confusing roller coaster emotions feel strong and intense.

“Jokes” that aren’t really jokes. Some really sounds like insults.

Walking on eggshells.

You feel like you have to ask permission.

Constant exhaustion.

Becoming isolated.