• Sat. Nov 28th, 2020


William Ruto Deputy President Of The Republic of Kenya

Deputy President William Ruto today has visited kangema ,murang’a county where he has been continuing with his hustler’s agenda. Many people were waiting to see if the Governor for Murang’ a county Mwangi wa Iria will be the MC for the occasion as he has said but he did not show up.
Ruto has said that the reason for him visiting kangema,muranga is because the people from the region have employed him and when you get employed you must do the work and give a report that the work has been done. He said this to answer people he said have been asking why he is visiting the region.
Ruto has promised people from Murang’a who is yet to receive electricity and water that he is working with the president to make sure that this problem is solved.
He has asked political leaders who start their campaigns when elections are around the corner saying that this is old-fashioned and should stop it insisting that he will not stop what he is doing to hustlers. He added that voting is a one-day thing but developments and helping Kenyans is a daily thing.
He congratulated the government through the NYS where they are planning to offer classes for Boda Boda riders lessons aimed to on teaching them on road safety where at the end of the classes where they will be paying 750 each they will receive license where no bodaboda rider will be expected to be on-road without the license.
Ruto has said that the debate must change where the focus is not only on the rich and political seats but also on the empowerment of hustlers. Saying this he insisted that he knows what he is saying and he is not a fool, he is not mad nor is he drunk.
He insists that they should sit down and discuss the BBI so as to see that it is not about dividing people and everyone is included in it.
He asked leaders to perform their politics in their own corner and stop involving themselves with issues concerning the independent institutions and let the IEBC perform their duties. He addressed the issue of 14billion shillings which are expected to be used in the referendum and condemned ODM Party leader Raila Odinga for fighting IEBC and asked him to let them do their work because they know what to do.
Ruto in his conclusion insisted that he is not afraid of whoever will be the chairman for IEBC because at the end of the day Kenyans will be the one to make the conclusion.

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