• Mon. Nov 23rd, 2020

Sauti Sol’s Bien Tests Positive

sauti sol's afrtist tests positive for covid-19

Sauti Sol’s Bien Aime is in quarantine after he tested positive for coronavirus last week. While speaking to the press, he said that he had a fever, joint aches and eye problems. He has been indoors for the last couple of days. He started feeling weak and decided to get the tests done since he was travelling to Uganda, only for the results to turn out positive. “We had a show in Uganda last week on Thursday. I had to cancel my trip but Bensoul and Nviiri, represented us,” he said.


However, the Sauti Sol’s lead singer says his wife tested negative. “I will be home for a while since I do not want to spread it. Corona will get anyone so long as we do not adhere to the measures given by the ministry of health,” he said. The artist did not forget to warn people to be cautious as the disease is getting intense.

Sauti Sol’s Bien’s feeling about the medication

He claims that so far he has used sh.8,000 on medicines alone. “To be honest, I have not been sick for a long time. I feel the treatment itself is very expensive.”  On whether artist should be allowed to hold shows, Bien said most of them are suffering since there is no income for them. “Put good standards in cleanliness before, during and after the shows. Corona might be with us for a long time, so put all the measures in place” he said.

sauti sol's afrtist tests positive for covid-19
sauti sol’s arttist tests positive for covid-19

Till now, the medicine to cure this disease has not been found. People are been urged to continue wearing their masks while in public. Observe the one-meter rule also and wash your hands regularly. For the ladies, stop sharing personal items like combs and makeup. Avoid eating or drinking in public places. This is not the time to go out to eat in coffee shops, bars, and other eateries. This might sound hard and weird though. Food, utensils, dishes, and cups are some of the things that this virus can be transmitted through. Make sure when you carry takeaway food it is thoroughly cooked and can be reheated.

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