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Saved From The Jaws Of Agony and pain.


Oct 17, 2020

We give not because we have plenty in stock but so as to put a smile on the afflicted. Jungle Afya in conjunction with Bethany Kids and Mugambo Wa Mugikuyu FM, teamed up and put endless joy to two families who have been in pain and agony over the decades.

Jungle Afya has been helping the needy, the disabled and at large the most vulnerable in the society. Its main focus has been Thika Sub-county and Kiambu at large but this time round with the help and teamwork of Mugambo Wa Mugikuyu FM & Bethany Kids, they have been able to extend their help and goodwill nature to Murang’a residents at large.

The wheel chair used before.

John Muigai Kamau 15 years of age, who hails from Wahuko village, Githuri Sublocation is a happy beneficiary of the outreach program. For over the years young Muigai Kamau has been a victim of circumstances since he got a spinal injury in his younger years and this left him disabled. He has been using a wooden seat that had been formatted to allow him ease himself when need arises. He comes from an incapacitated family hence affording a wheelchair is out of their reach.

John Muigai receiving the new wheel chair.

During the wheelchair donation, Bethany Kids who are based at Kijabe and Thika town conducted medical checkups on the two so as to ascertain if they got other underlying health conditions and the appropriate measurements for the wheelchairs.

Team Mugambo and Dr. Kevo from bethany kids.

Njoki Wa Ngatho, despite her age could not hide her joy since for many years she has been in endless misery and agony. She got her stroke after loosing her six sons and a daughter and she was left with a son who is hardly there.Njoki has been to hell and back because as she narrates her story her agony is evident, she has been dragging herself on the ground since neither could she walk nor have a walking aid.

Njuguna from jungle foundation.

Mugambo Wa Mugikuyu FM, being a media house is geared towards helping the needy came in handy and made sure they have put smiles and hope to those families. The conjunction of these teams was of great help as they displayed how great working together is.

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