• Fri. Oct 30th, 2020

School girls’ fumigation causes internet uproar

A video showing school girls being fumigated as they reported back to school on Monday, 12th October glimmered uproar among Kenyans. The audiovisual showed school girls dressed in uniform being sprayed using a Knapsack Sprayer pump ordinarily used to control parasites and diseases in livestock. The schoolgirls were sprayed with the chemical meant to sanitize them as the school hunted to stick to to Covid-19 containment measures put in place by the Ministry of Health as schools reopen.

Video of school girls being fumigated on 12th October 2020

This comes on the framework of an announcement by Education Cabinet Secretary Professor George Magoha guiding Grade 4, Class 8 and Four 4 students to report back to school. A number of netizens responded to the video by calling out the school for exposing the girls to inhuman treatment in the name of sanitizing them.

“The question is, for how long will this program be maintained by the Government? Fumigating human beings like in a cattle dipping environment? Why not fumigate classrooms, and ensure there is enough running water in the taps and toilets etc.?” noted Amos Ng’ongo. “Wrong to the extreme. What they’re doing here is completely useless and of no impact, only spreads fear and stigma,” said Ezekiel Oranga.

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