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Aug 28, 2020

Phillippiens- the governments claims that they will opens their schools by 5th Oct though only remote learning will be allowed. President Rodrigo claims face to face learning will resumes once the curves flattens

France-the France government will be sending 12.9 million student back to classroom by Tuesday despite the fact that there has been a rise of case of corona virus in the country. All teacher and students are required to wear their mask all day and their should be a one way for everyone to avoid gatherings. The Paris region students will be given free laptops to enable them to learn more in case of another lockdown

Germany-most students in the country are back to school .41 out of 825 schools have reported covid-19 cases. Germany are not going to close schools any more so they decides to create quarantined classes .In Berlin students are required to take off their masks during classes.

Britain -11 million students have not been attending their classes since March but they will be re-opening on 4th Sept . Mask are not necessary during classes

Spanish-the government claims that they will resume schools by 4th Sept . The government is planning to hire 11,000 new teachers , building more classrooms , to gain more space for the children to inter-miggle  by themselves and no outsider will be allowed to join them.

Nordic countries –most schools have already re-opened since they resumed early last week

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