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Senate has to make a decision.


Dec 9, 2020

The Senate convenes Wednesday to decide on how to handle an impeachment motion against Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko. Senate Speaker Ken Lusaka convened a special sitting to take place on Wednesday afternoon.

Senators left behind to decide. The impeachment motion will either be handled by a committee of the House or a special committee. 


During the sitting, Senators will hear charges levelled against the Governor. The senatots makes critical decision after the reading out of the chargers against the Governor during the afternoon session.

“The Senators will determine the outcome of the case. Hence being the referee will see to it that the Governor gets a fair hearing.” Lusaka said Sunday.

Senate’s decision to make

After hearing the charges, the Senators will then appoint a special committee. It shall comprise of eleven of its members to investigate the matter or opt to investigate the matter in plenary.

In the event the House decides to prosecute the matter through a special committee. The members shall within 10 days of their appointment investigate and report back to the House.

A motion supported by 88 out of 122 Members of the County Assembly impeached Sonko last week. They accused him of gross misconduct, abuse of office among other charges. 

The controversial Governor has however, rejected the MCAs decision and vowed to challenge the matter in court. He argues of compromised vote.

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Sonko’s troubles stem from his refusal to sign the County’s Appropriation Bill. This allocated the Nairobi Metropolitan Services (NMS) Sh37.2 billion in what has threatened to paralyze its operations.

Sonko surrendered some of his key functions to the national government. He has been at loggerheads with the NMS Director General Major Mohammed Badi on the management of the city. This is even after the governor surrendered four key functions including Health.